The Mayor finally gets his noise code! Well, sort of. After a year and a half since Mayor B proposed a noise code for Better Quality Of Life, the city council unanimously passed the final version of the code. Now nightclubs and bars must "keep their sound level below 42 decibels instead of the current standard of 45 decibels when measured inside a nearby residence," as explained by the Times. And the NYPD will be getting noise meters to measure the decbiel levels! From the Times:

In a concession to the nightlife industry, the noise code will also make it more difficult for police officers on the street to cite nightclubs and bars for noise violations. Currently, officers can issue a violation to a nightclub if they simply determine that the music constitutes "unreasonable noise."

But now officers will use a noise meter to measure the offending sound in order to meet a specific, technical definition of unreasonable noise: 10 decibels or more above ambient sound in the daytime, and 7 decibels or more above ambient sound at night, when measured at a distance of 15 feet.

The noise meters, which cost about $2,000 apiece, are now in short supply with an entire precinct often sharing one device, but city environmental officials said the goal was to equip each police patrol with its own meter. The noise code takes effect in July 2007.

Oh, wait, the noise code will take effect in 2007? Huh. Some lawmakers are upset with the changes to the noise code, but the Nightlife and Bar Association thinks the bill is now at a fair compromise. Time and our eardrums will tell!