When it comes to messing up perfectly good cults, it always comes down to money doesn't it?

Take for instance the Hare Krishnas. According to today's Post everyone's favorite singing and parading orange robed cultists are having some serious internal problems. The group "is in the middle of a civil war following a string of lawsuits and a fistfight in its East Village temple in recent months, court papers show."

At the core of the issue seems to be the Bed & Breakfast that the Krishna's are running out of their temple which apparently pulls in over 300K a year, tax-free. Not only does the B&B bring in cash for the cult, but it also provides a steady stream of potential converts. When one member of the group voiced his distaste over the B&B he was defenestrated from the temple by a group in favor of it. Seriously.

In the meantime, our favorite part of today's story is definitely this sentence: "Joe Bonomo, a k a His Holiness Krsna Balarama Swami, filed the suit against the group's treasurer, Susan Bauer, a k a Eternal Love, in Manhattan Supreme Court last month."

Hare Krishna Morning Prowl by gammablog on flickr.