This week is all about winter weather. What, you haven't heard about the big storm? Don't worry, there won't be one, but it is time for Winter Weather Awareness Week. The National Weather Service would like to refresh your memory about heavy snow events, ice storms, winter floods, the criteria used for watches and warnings, and some handy winter weather safety tips. Tire chains? We don't need no stinkin' new tire chains.

Sadly, there won't be any winter weather to accompany this week's awareness festivities. But do get ready for a significant cool down by the end of the week. High pressure that brought us another pleasant weekend will move out to sea today, bringing a high in the lower 60s under mostly cloudy skies. A cold front is going to zip through town this evening, so look out for a brief chance of showers and possibly a clap of thunder. That front won't cool us down much. Tomorrow will again be in the lower 60s but with a significant breeze.

The front that will bring cooler weather will slowly approach the city midweek. That slow arrival will bring a mixed bag of sun, clouds and showers from Wednesday afternoon until late Thursday. Highs both days will be around 60 degrees but that won't be the case by the time Friday rolls around. Cool Canadian air will keep the daily highs to the lower 50s and the morning low down into the lower 40s through the weekend. Once again we should see plenty of sun on Saturday and Sunday.