It's some people's favorite holiday, but for some others, it's a bane: Valentine's Day is once again. If you're in a relationship, take the opportunity to enjoy some candy and cards - just be nice to each other! NY magazine has a guide to Valentine's Day. And if you're single, enjoy some candy and give someone else a card - just be nice to people, it's just one day of the year when all the red velvet and cellophane of the world needs to be sold! Or eschew red and hearts all together and head up to Central Park and go check out The Gates. Here's a little more on today:

- The history of Valentine's Day from the History Channel.
- Rituals of pigeon mating from New Partisan
- Enjoy the Empire State Building, all lit up in red
- The NY Times takes all angles, with stories of celebrating Valentine's Day in new relationships (our recommendation: don't go out...if you do, try to enforce a no-gift rule, but since that can be hard, don't go out), the double-edged sword of Valentine's Day proposals (you'd think some people would be happy just to get engaged, period), and the wild proposals New Yorkers will plan
- The Daily News has some romantic NYC love stories
- The top 50 romance movies on IMDB
- And, of course, there is that great Simpsons episode, I Love Lisa, with some of Gothamist's favorite things: Ralph Wiggum and punny cards. Here's a link to the EPS of the cards from deconcept.