Don't have a Valentine's Day card yet? Print out this page, cut out the cards and give it to yourself! You can also download EPS versions of these Valentine's Day cards immortalized on the Simpsons' episode, I Love Lisa, at deconcept.

Fun facts about Valentine Day's from the US Greeting Card Assocation:

  • With an estimated 190 million cards to be exchaged, it's the second biggest card occasion after Christmas.
  • 1 billion "classroom valentines" will be opened at schools; accordingly, teachers usually get the more valentines than people in other professions.
  • Valentine's is the largest e-card sending occasion.
  • A quarter of Valentine's cards are humorous (people under 35 are usually the ones who buy those); interestingly, 45% of women will buy humorous cards for their sweeties while only 34% of men will do so.
  • America's first Valentine's cards were sent during the Revolutionary War.

Of course, the Empire State Building will be red, pink and white tonight.