Yesterday, we posted a picture of a beautiful red bird which a reader found outside their apartment building on East 2nd Street. And we're happy to report that after several helpful and concerned emails, the bird has now been reunited with its owner!

Several people wrote us to say they recognized the bird and knew its owner Hayne, the owner of Lucky Cheng's on First Avenue between First and Second Street. Eventually, they got in contact with her, and she told us what had happened: "He spooked with a friend's baby and flew into the trees in the park on 2nd St behind my roof on 2nd St. We could not get him down, but he was calling to us. We were going to try again the next day, but he was no longer calling out."

The birds name is Lolly, although it also goes by/responds to "Redrum" ( the movie!). She also points out that although the bird does resemble a female Eclectus Parrot, it's actually a Red Lorikeet, whose diet mainly consists of fruit and nectar. As another reader pointed out, if you happen to find an exotic or lost bird in the East Village in the future, St. Marks Veterinary would be a good place to turn to in the neighborhood, and know what to feed the bird until the owner is found. We're just glad the right people heard about this particular bird: