Gothamist wishes all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are thankful for quite a few things - funny pictures of Mayor Bloomberg, a really good sandwich, passing Law & Order on-the-street sets, secret music shows, people who let us pet their dogs. Most of all, we're happy we've made many so many friends, new and old, that we've made through the site (new contributors, readers) who teach us new things and encourage us to learn more. Now, onto sneaking bites of stuffing!

Thanksgiving Day activites:
- Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live (good luck!) or on Channel 4, WNBC (coverage starts at 9AM)
- Comment at least 20 times about how mild it is today
- Learn about the holiday: Here's a teacher's guide to T-Day from Scholastic, here's the History Channel's info on the Pilgrims and the holiday and the Library of Congress on when Thanksgiving is.
- Nap
- Feel gassy
- Consider going out, but then deciding to nap

Photograph of parade balloon Jeeves by Jake Dobkin