We hope all of you, whether you have stayed in the city or have traveled to spend the holiday with loved ones, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. While, for many people, Thanksgiving is about the bounty of food, football games, or the start of the holiday shopping season, it's also a good opportunity to appreciate your life.

The History Channel has an extensive website about the history of Thanksgiving (with video). Scholastic's school-children-targeted The First Thanksgiving website is also very informative. And Wikipedia offers a broader look at our holiday.

The Daily News has the 1621 Thanksgiving words of Plymouth Colony governor William Bradford. Post offers Thanksgiving proclamations from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush, and the Sun offers them from Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, and FDR, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, and Bush. Newsday asks Long Islanders to think of the needy. The NY Times' Roger Cohen recommends that Americans slow down and appreciate people, not e-mail.

President Bush pardoned two turkeys, "May" and "Flower." The turkeys were named by the American public; "Wish" and "Bone" came in second. And, as many know, there are a number of closures today.

Photographs of Zelda, the Battery Park turkey, wandering around yesterday by Goggla - what timing!