2006_11_turkeydraw.jpgWe wish you a happy Thanksgiving, however you may spend the day, whether it's on a cold, wet corner waiting to see the parade balloon and floats, traveling to your family's for a big meal, or staying in and watching football. It's our favorite holiday because it's about gathering - without any worry about gifts (maybe some worry about the sweet potatoes, though). Remember to give thanks - we're all very lucky. Here are Thanksgiving editorials from the Daily News, Post, NY Times, NY Sun and Newsday, which reminds us that on a day when food is bountiful, we should remember to give to food banks.

We're struck by yesterday's NY Times dining article, about coping with Thanksgiving meal behavior: There was no mention of passing out after eating too much or hogging the gravy! In the Times' New York Region News section today, there's a sweet article about a white family that welcomed five black and Latino boys into their family eight years ago.

Also to keep in mind: The FDNY reminds you that deep-frying turkeys is dangerous. We imagine the only New Yorkers deep-frying turkeys are ones with yards or access to commercial kitchens - deep-frying on a teeny balcony or fire escape seems pretty impossible.

And yesterday, authorities received a number of calls about a pack of wild turkeys traveling together in NJ. Seriously - they were seen at a NJ Transit train station platform. A NJ Transit spokesman said, "I have no idea how they got there. I have know idea how they left. They probably flew away."

Image of the classic hand turkey from The Wooden Robot, which explains how to draw the classic hand turkey