It's New Year's Eve, and the city is ready to rock and roll. There are many events to choose from, although there seems to be a number of people content with staying in. The Post had some fun New Year's facts, like there are about 57 tons of litter that will be collected, wet confetti is harder to pick up than dry, and "Before Times Square, New Yorkers rang in the new year at Trinity Church by shaking tin cans with bricks inside them." And another event today which will test the city's traffic: The Critical Mass bike ride happens tonight at 7PM, which should be interesting, as this will be the first ride since the judge's ruling that the city can't force the bikers to have permits.

Gothamist hopes you ring in the New Year in you favorite way, whether it's with a crowd or in a more intimate environment. And for the serious partiers, here's How Stuff Works on how hangovers work and what can be done to prevent them (drink water, take an aspirin, and drink Gatorade before sleep...).