Today is the MTA's inaugural "low ridership" day, in which the Authority experiments with reduced subway service on holidays. (Today is Columbus Day—you may have noticed because of your one friend who wouldn't shut up about getting today off.) You can expect to wait about one or two minutes longer for some trains today, which should give you extra time to contemplate Columbus's discovery of so many "good and skilled servants" in the Bahamas.

MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan tells us it's "too early for ridership counts, but historically subway ridership is about 25% lower on Columbus Day." Officials hope to save about $200,000 a year with the "low ridership" days. The MTA is testing the reduced schedule on the numbered lines today, and if we all complacently accept the changes without rioting, this will happen again system-wide on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, the three weekdays after Christmas, New Year's Eve, Martin Luther King Day and Good Friday, NY1 reports. Oh, who are we kidding, this is going to happen whether we riot or not. But what's another couple of minutes stuck on a subway platform in exchange for such savings? $200K down, $14 billion to go!