Perhaps Mother Nature wanted to chill out the fiery Valentine's Day passion - or give more people to snuggle up. About one to three inches of freezing rain arrived to the New York City area, making commutes of all kinds difficult. While it's not the apocalypse hyped up meteorologists, it is a disappointment - why couldn't it just be snow? Meteorologist John Cristanello explained to the Daily News that the mix of snow and freezing rain is due to "layer of above-freezing temperatures below where the snow forms," so the snow melts, becoming "sleet or freezing rain before it reaches the ground" or your face (being pelted by sleet on the walk to the subway sucks).

There are a thousand sanitation workers on duty to drive 365 salt spreaders, which the Mayor called "our first line of defense against snow and ice." The sleet may turn into rain and then back to snow tonight. Wear your boots!

UPDATE: Kottke has an amusing post on the subject of unknown precipitation.

Photograph of the icy Hudson River by mariab3bx on Flickr