Photograph of the Empire State Building last night by Digiart2001 on Flickr

To celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, you may have noticed that the Empire State Building's lights have been split: Two sides are blue and white (for Hanukkah) while the other two are red and green (for Christmas). The lights remain split through January 6, 2009.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Day, government offices, schools, and the stock and bond markets are closed (though schools in NJ and Connecticut have the "option to close"). There is no sanitation pickup or street cleaning and public transit is running on Saturday, Sunday or holiday schedules. Also, there is only Express Mail postal services; all branches are closed except the Farley branch at 32nd Street and 8 Avenue in Midtown.

Wherever you are spending your holiday, Gothamist wishes you happiness and good health.