We've had just about enough of this chilly week—all we want is to bust out the cargo shorts and flip-flops, and instead we've been bundled up in Snuggies and Uggs. But at least we didn't have someone trying to break into our house and eat our children, like this bald eagle in New Jersey had to deal with on Sunday when a Red-tailed hawk flew into its nest in an attempt to devour newborn chicks. BIG MISTAKE, HAWK. All this video below needs is someone yelling "WORLDSTAR!!!":

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The violent confrontation was caught on the Duke Farms live eagle webcam in Hillsborough, New Jersey. "The eggs hatched right around the same time as the hawk attack," Thom Almendinger, Duke Farms director of stewardship, tells NJ.com. "We're not sure if they were related, but maybe the hawk was checking out the eggs." The hawk's plan backfired dramatically, however, and the predator quickly became the prey. "They finished off the hawk already," Almendinger added. "They were eating trout yesterday." (No Trout Cam?)

You can tune into all the exciting eagle action on the Duke Farms webcam here.