You might want to hold off on posting that ZOMG TGIF YOU GUYZZ SO PUMPED FOR THE BEACH tweet today, because abated heatwave be damned, making it from one place to the other is not going to be pleasant this weekend: MTA track work will affect ninety percent of its subway lines. Shockingly, the only lines spared seem to be the 6 and the dreaded G train, which will not be subject to its usual partial shutdown this weekend (but get ready for it next week, and forever and ever and ever!)

You can check out the MTA's website to see all the fun changes made on 18 out of the city's 20 track lines, but here are a few key ones: downtown 1 and 2 trains will run express from 72nd Street to Times Square-42nd Street all weekend, and 2 trains will not run between 241st Street and Nereid Avenue on Saturday and Sunday. The 4 will be running local between Grand Central-42nd Street and Brooklyn Bridge all weekend, and the 5 will be running every 20 minutes between Dyre Avenue and Bowling Green until 11:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Coney Island-bound A trains will be running local from 59th Street-Columbus Circle to West 4th Street, where they, along with Brooklyn-bound C trains, will be rerouted along the F line until Jay Street-MetroTech. The F, meanwhile, will be running express from West 4th Street to 34th Street-Herald Square on the Jamaica-bound track. Main Street-bound 7 trains skip 33rd, 40th, 46th, 52nd, and 69th Streets.

The N and the R will run on the Q track from Canal Street to DeKalb Avenue in both directions, and will run express from Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center to 36th Street on the Brooklyn-bound tracks. The Q will run express from Sheepshead Bay to Kings Highway on the Manhattan-bound track.

The J train won't be running between Broadway Junction and Myrtle Avenue in either direction, and the L will be operating in two sections: between Broadway Junction and 8th Avenue, and between Rockaway Parkway and Broadway Junction. The M won't be running, but the J will be running along the M line from Myrtle to Metropolitan, so good news if you're out in Ridgewood, though not so much in Bed-Stuy.