We already were prepared for the usual weekend MTA changes on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, A, C, D, E, F, L, R & S trains...but nothing could prepare us for changes on the 6 tra— oh wait, it's on that list. Still, we weren't prepared for ADDITIONAL changes on the 6 line, but that's the reality of the kooky world we live in. One moment you're obsessing about Larry David civil war battlefield photos, the next you're frantically considering whether it is plausible to build some custom bird wings in an hour.

Due to a broken gap filler at the 14 Street/Union Square station, there will be no southbound 6 trains during this evening's rush hour commute. The gap fillers shorten the distance between trains and platforms at the Union Square station—the gaps can be as wide as 13 inches, and the fillers knock them down to about three inches. The gap fillers are controlled by subway signals and sensors, which activate when a train has stopped in the station.

Here are some tips on what to do, besides walk or spend the rest of the weekend at work:

Southbound 6 customers north of Grand Central-42 St going to 14 St-Union Sq should transfer to the 4/5 at Grand Central. · Southbound 4/5 riders north of Grand Central-42 St going to 6 stations south of 14 St-Union Sq should transfer to the 6 at Grand Central. · Customers at 14 St-Union Sq going to Astor Place, Bleecker St, Spring St, or Canal St should either take the 4/5 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall and transfer to an uptown 6 to reach those stations or take the N or R southbound to nearby stations at 8 St, Prince St or Canal St. · Riders entering at 33 St, 28 St, and 23 St going to 14 St-Union Square have three options: o Walk to the Broadway Line at 34 St, 28 St, and 23 St for NR trains. o Walk directly to Grand Central-42 St or 14 St-Union Square for service. o Take the 6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall and transfer for 45 service to 14 St-Union Square.

As the MTA helpfully adds, "Service on the 4/5 lines will also be affected and customers should expect delays and congestion on all three lines." Does that mean...chaos reigns?!

If you found this commute frustrating, tell your state representatives and Governor Cuomo to stop robbing the MTA of badly needed funding and figure out a way to come up with more cash for a 21st Century transit system.