2007_12_isiaht.jpgThat’s right Knicks fans, it was four years ago today that Isiah Thomas came to town and boldly stated, "My only goal is to win the N.B.A. championship. In my mind, everything else is failure."

So, by his own standards, Isiah’s tenure has been a failure, but that only scratches the surface of the destruction he has wrought. In “celebration” of his anniversary, we present a Top-10 list of Isiah’s worst moves as President/GM of the Knicks:

10) Fired Lenny Wilkins, a Hall of Fame coach and the only person who led the Knicks to a playoff spot in Isiah’s tenure.

9) Gave Jared Jeffries a 5-year/$30 million deal.

8) Sent a lot of players and picks to Phoenix for Stephon Marbury. Since the end of 2003 the Suns have been a NBA powerhouse winning 60 games twice and going to the conference finals twice.

7) Hired and fired Larry Brown

6) Gave Jerome James a 5-year/$29-million deal after the 2005 season. To date, James has scored 213 points and played 85 games in his Knicks’ career.

5) Sent Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza to the Magic for Steve Francis. Francis sulked through 68 games as a Knick.

4) Has spent over $300 million since he arrived and….

3) Compiled a 126-200 record during his tenure.

2) Traded for Eddy Curry and sent not one, but two unprotected first round picks to Chicago as part of the deal.

1) Was found guilty by a jury of sexually harassing Anucha Browne Sanders