Hurricane-turned-Tropical Storm Irene caused a lot of damage, and displaced a lot of people, throughout New York State. But at least we know of one happy ending for a cute critter whose life was upended by Irene: over the weekend, reader Justine Barry came upon a yellow white cat in Clinton Hill in the aftermath of the storm. We're happy to report that the cat has now been adopted by a local: "The internet is awesome sometimes," she wrote us.

We had started to refer to the cat as "Irene" because of the circumstances it was found, but it turned out that the cat is a he, so Barry temporarily called him "Reno." She wrote us wanting to thank all of our readers who reached out to offer help to the cat: "An awesome couple in the neighborhood (Sandra and her husband) is picking him up from Hope Vet (they took him in and gave him a full check up, etc) this afternoon to take him to a new, loving home. I got a huge response from people offering help, but no one claimed him and since he's an older guy (probably 9 or 10) and declawed, I just don't think he'd make it on the street. But now he won't have to! Thank you so much for your help getting the word out and to all the readers who reached out. The internet is awesome sometimes."