Our friendly government helpline, 311, turned one yesterday, and as with any birthday in an office, there was a cake. The introduction of 311 as a resource for New Yorkers to direct their non-emergency questions and complaints has reduced the number of calls to 911 (which is good, because then those operators can focus on the emergencies). To date, 311 has answered 6,542,240 calls, able to offer answers in 170 languages. Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Gino Menchini said, "The 311 Citizen Service Hotline has changed forever the way New Yorkers interact with their government," adding, "Over the next year, we will build on our successes by bringing many of 311's most popular features to the City's Web site - www.nyc.gov."

Top Ten 311 Calls in the past year:
Noise Complaints - 255,000
Landlord Complaints - 245,000
CFC and Freon Removal - 68,000
Blocked Driveway - 53,000
Subway or Bus Information - 47,000
Traffic Signal Defect - 46,000
Recycling and Trash Collection Schedule - 36,000
Garbage Pickup Missed - 30,000
Potholes - 29,000
Missing Vehicle- Towed - 28,000

Gothamist thinks a good offshoot of 311 would be a hotline for where to go for a cheap happy hour or where in the East Village there won't be a huge wait for a table.