Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the blackout that turned the lights out in NYC, Ohio, and Canada, and the celebrations have been going on for a while: Earlier in the week, the Daily News hints that another blackout could happen again and the NY Times notes how the power is too sensitive. Hmm, when the Department of Energy released the final blackout report, they found four main causes:

1. Inadequate system understanding; 2. Inadequate situational awareness; 3. Inadequate tree trimming; and 4. Inadequate reliability coordinator diagnostic support.

Yup, that's sound like it could happen again. Read the final report here (PDF).

Another NY Times article cites some areas of Canada are encouraging energy conservation. One measure is to wear skimpier clothing. Sounds like some good ideas are coming out of Canada!

Check out Gothamist's Blackout Edition, Gothamist Food on dining in the dark, plus here are useful tips from the city about staying cool and what to do during a blackout.

Will you be celebrating the blackout by blasting your AC with the lights on when you're sleeping? Or will you just get really drunk and re-enact the blackout with the closest bar patron?