Mayor Bloomberg is Valentine's baby, and today is his 65th birthday. His schedule was pretty clear today, but he did release his preliminary Mayoral Management Report for the year (we think he gave himself an A!). Earlier this week, Daily News gathered birthday wishes from other New Yorkers:

"Happy 65th birthday, Mike. At least now your Bermuda-short look is age appropriate." - Gov. Spitzer

"Since it's on Valentine's Day, ... I would like him to try a new position." - Dr. Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist

"I'm getting him a senior-discount MetroCard for the subway ... in D.C." - Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey

If we saw Mayor Bloomberg today, we'd totally give him 65 birthday punches or 65 copies of the Queens Blackout Report, delivered by 65 Critical Mass Bikers (it's hard to give billionaires presents!).

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg, in his summer fashion don't but, according to Spitzer, it's a senior fashion-do, by Elaine Thompson/AP