2007_07_july4.jpgHappy July 4th! After some spectacular weather, today is rather blah. And to make matters more meh, it's a Wednesday! The NY Times pondered the oddness of a hump day July 4th, a mini-break in the middle of the week.

The first Wednesday July 4th our country celebrated wasn't until 1781, but little did our forefathers know that Americans would be agonizing over how to manage their vacation days during what is generally a slow week. Some people have Thursday and Friday off, some people are taking the whole week off.

Well, whatever you may be doing today, please have a happy and safe 4th. And to anyone fearing being served a summons: Process servers are off today, but they'll be working tomorrow. One told the Times, "You can hide, but for how long? You’ve got to come home. If you’ve got a car, you’ve got to come to the car. Your spouse tells me you’re going to be home tomorrow, I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Here's our guide to watching the fireworks. Special security will be added by the NYPD as people flock to watch the fireworks. CityRoom has more tips on parking rules, city closings, and traffic notices.

Photograph by Rob Hoey on Flickr