It's finally 2005, and many New Yorkers enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather (50 degrees) and headed up to Times Square for the festivities. It's unclear whether they were there for Lindsay Lohan or Reege. Perhaps it was to see Mayor Bloomberg and Secretary of State Colin Powell who, as the NY Times put it, "locked arms and swayed awkwardly to Frank Sinatra's version of New York, New York," because maybe they thought Powell would break out in song again [also, look at this photo of Powell and Bloomberg]. Some estimates say that over 750,000 people were in Times Square celebrating New Year's for the 100th time. And elsewhere, records were broken for the NY Roadrunners New Year's Eve Midnight Run (the champagne at the finish line was probably incentive; here are the top finishers) and the Critical Mass ride was pretty peaceful. Gothamist hopes that you and yours had a fun time...all we can say is huzzah for a new year and a new start, though we're apt to break any and all resolutions by the time we step outside the house.

Michael Cosentino of Meccapixel took some brilliant pictures from the thick of things in Times Square, including the one above. See the others at Meccapixel. Also, check out a cool Times Square on New Year's panorama Jook Leung took for Hans Nyberg's panorama.dk; there are also panoramas from New Years past.

How was your New Year's? And is there anything you're looking forward to this year?