2008_10_subcake.jpgOh, NYC Subway, you don't act a day over 75! Some key dates and events: On October 27, 1904, the Interborough Rapid Transit Company opened its subway (cost: 5 cents), with the slogan, "City Hall to Harlem in 15 minutes!" Then came Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company (BMT) opening in 1915 and City Owner Rapid Transit Railroad (IND) in 1931. In 1940, the city took over all the lines, and in 1953--the year the token was introduced-- the State Legislature created the NYC Transit Authority to oversee the management of the subway system (the NYCTA joined the newly created MTA in 1968). The MTA started five-year capital programs to rehab the system in1982, as the subways had declined with rising crime; by 1990, it was back to a state of good repair. The Metrocard arrived in 1997 and the token said good-bye in 2003. Ridership is now at record highs (over 5 million on a weekday) and the future of numerous renovation projects is unclear as the MTA's budget looks scary. Photo: Sweet Avenue Bake Shop