Our fair subway system turns 100 this year, much bigger and maybe a little more ragged on some tracks, but, still, the subways is the best way to get anywhere. The MTA has many Subway Centennial related events this year, is 100 today and the rest of the year, and the MTA has a variety of events to celebrate, such as nostalgia train trips at the Transit Museum. The Today show spoke with Randy Kennedy, whose many Times columns about the subways will be compiled in a book, Subwayland, to coincide with the centennial, and Kennedy said that being squished together on subways has made the city's residents more cohesive and more able to get along with each other, just like how, during the morning commute, people are able to bark at each other angrily from centimeters away.

Bluejake visited the MTA Transit Museum. Two great subway sites: NYCSubway.org and our favorite subway watchdogs, the Straphangers.

Old I.R.T. map; Map:  MTA