A teenager managed to get stuck on top of a full-height subway turnstile on Tuesday, somehow wedging himself atop one of those egg-slicer gates, while unwittingly posing for a Frank Reynolds-style Instagram photo.

The incident reportedly took place at 8 a.m. in the Court Square station, with a witness telling NBC that "the teen tried to hold back the gate and slip through it, but it slipped back [and] wedged him in."

An MTA worker was also needed to come and remove the tangled teen, according to the witness. A spokesperson for the MTA could not immediately confirm whether he will face charges for fare beating—one of the most common offenses in the city, which typically carries a fine of $100.

"Some motherfuckers just really like to ice skate uphill!!!!" the Instagrammer quipped. "I know fares are going up, but why did you think this would've ended well."

While the maneuver was far from a success, the revolving door mishap is far from the worst subway stuckness we've seen in recent months.