2008_09_hupp.jpgHannah Upp has broken her silence and left a note on Facebook claiming that she suffers from dissociative fugue, a condition that has caused her to remember very little from the 19 days she went missing last month. After Upp's disappearance, she was found floating in water off Staten Island on September 16th, following what appeared to be a suicide attempt. The Daily News reports that the school teacher posted a Note on her Facebook page (set to private) saying, "As is typical of a case of dissociative fugue, I was not aware of my own identity and I emerged from the episode with essentially no memory of what happened during the time I was missing." Dissociative fugue is more common of survivors of war, accidents and natural disasters who enter into episodes where they remember little to nothing of their identity. A psychiatrist tells the News that Upp's behavior, which included being spotted twice in four days checking her email at the Apple Store, is not typical of dissociative fugue.