wxch_hanna0906.jpgAnd you may ask yourself where is that terrible wind. And you may ask yourself how much rain will fall. And you may ask yourself when it will get here. As the day goes by Hanna will be in town. The storm made landfall late over North Carolina last night, is now centered over Chesapeake Bay, and is zipping up the coast. Rain ahead of the storm center extends into eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey and should arrive in the city this afternoon.

The heaviest rain and windiest weather should occur this evening. Southern New York, New Jersey, and southern Connecticut are all under a tropical storm warning until Hanna passes by. Four to six inches of rain are likely across the region with higher amounts possible so a flood watch is in effect until tomorrow morning. Winds should be a good 30-40 miles an hour for much of the night.

All that rain is going to fall in just a few hours, so street flooding is likely. Coastal flooding is always a worry with a tropical cyclones storm surge, Luckily with a quarter moon the astronomical tide will be lower than normal, which should minimize the coastal flooding threat.

Hanna is moving so fast that tomorrow should be sunny and breezy, with a high in the low 80s.
Hanna satellite image from weather.com