Famed political polymath Hank Williams, Jr., widely known for his thesis on Americana entitled Football: Are You Properly Prepared To View A Game On Television? has posted a written apology on his website for the statements he made Monday on FOX and Friends. Williams likened John Boehner and President Obama's golf game to a hypothetical match between Hitler and Benjamin Netanyahu, and generally sounded like he had no idea where he was. "I have always been very passionate about Politics and Sports and this time it got the Best or Worst of me." Oh Hank, take a break from reading Dickens before you write!

He continues, "The thought of the Leaders of both Parties Jukin and High Fiven on a Golf course, while so many Families are Struggling to get by simply made me Boil over and make a Dumb statement and I am very Sorry if it Offended anyone." Jukin and High Fiven aside, cut him some slack. Years of singing football jingles have rendered Williams incapable of describing discontent in anything other than stuff that happens shortly before and after a touchdown is scored. Besides, we can't recall any other president acting so callous on a golf course.

Hank signs off on the message with, "This was Not written by some Publicist." Good for him. It's a new day: from now on, Hank Williams, Jr. writes his own apologies.