The FCC decided to finally establish a do-not-call registry for anyone who wants to block telemarketing calls. The number, (888) 382-1222, will be active at 12:01AM Friday (today) for states west of the Mississippi including Wisconsin and Louisiana and then the whole country will be able to register starting July 1, by phone and online. CNN/Money says that nonprofits and political callers won't have to comply with the new rule, and businesses can call customers for up to 18 months after a sale (but if callers don't want to be called, business have to honor that). The Times says that the American Teleservices Association claims "2 million of the country's 6.4 million call-center jobs will be lost"; the ATA has sued the FCC, of course.

Gothamist is relieved. No longer, when a telemarketer calls and asks, "Is your mom or dad at home?" will we have to lie and say, "They went out! Bye bye!" We'll be registering on July 1.

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