A 23-year-old man who escaped NYPD detectives while handcuffed last month has been caught.

Tareek Arnold—who was originally in custody in connection to an attempted murder—was charged with assault on a police officer and escape for his June 23 stunt. He allegedly attacked the cop who was escorting him from the 32nd Precinct in Harlem and just started running. A video showed him running from the police, but here's a GIF that sums it up:

Arnold's escape prompted a citywide manhunt; NBC New York reports, "Police had been searching for Arnold in a total of 50 locations, including the Bronx and places out of state, and spoken with 20 associates, officials have said. A special task force was also set up to find him. Arnold is part of the 40 Wolves gang based in central Harlem, police said." Also, it's pretty embarrassing when a prisoner escapes police custody.

When asking the public for help, the police also noted Arnold's distinctive tattoos—one says "Troll" and the other says "Militant Soldiers."

He was apparently found in an apartment on Fifth Avenue in Harlem. Yesterday, the Daily News published an interview with the mother of his alleged shooting victim: "It’s puzzling where he goes to get the handcuffs off. I’m just grateful my son is alive.