2007_06_georgec.jpgApparently hand models do not wear kitchen mitts or baseball mitts to protect their hands when they're not on the job! Because a hand model is suing a Midtown apartment building for $1 million after a door slammed into her moneymaker - her right hand.

The Post reports that 24-year-old Catherine Frances Scott was leaving her boyfriend's apartment at West 52nd Street when a "fifth-floor door slammed on the tip of her finger, crushing the bone and leaving a chunk of flesh, including her fingernail, dangling." And not only was the door very heavy, the frame had a "sharpened piece of metal jutting out from the frame." Ow ow ow ow ow. We're not even hand models and we'd probably sue!

Scott's middle finger was stitched up, now there's a scar that's impacting her ability to get jobs. So she's suing Knocklofty Management for negligence. Scott said her finger still hurts. One lingerie and accessories company owner said that Scott was a wonderful model: "She's just very beautiful. She's so versatile. Everything she holds she just feels."

George Costanza had a brief stint as a hand model in the Seinfeld episode, The Puffy Shirt