On July 10th, 2014, Olya Lipina's body was found floating in a pool in the middle of a Hamptons house party. The 29-year-old's death was ruled accidental, but Lipina's mother is now suing not only the pool's owners, but over 100 other guests that had been at the party, arguing that their negligence lead to Lipina drinking too much and eventually drowning.

Alla Lipina-Skyba filed a civil suit in Brooklyn Tuesday, and is seeking $40 million in total damages from homeowners Laura Edith Kreft Daniel Finer and Linda Finer, the Post reports. In addition, 100 John and Jane Does are listed in the lawsuit as being culpable for Olya's death.

Lipina-Skyba's lawsuit also calls out the hosts and party-goers for not noticing the woman's drowning as it took place, citing a failure to "respond to and or seek appropriate aid and assistance for Olya Lipina" and knew she was intoxicated when she got in the pool alone.

Before passing away at the party, Lipina had worked as a graphic designer, and at the time of her death the Daily News reported that she professed "Sketching and painting is my passion...Designing and creating things is my life," on her website.

Lipina-Skyba is suing for wrongful death, personal injury, conscious pain, and suffering.