Wonder what a police raid on a Hamptons gallery that's serving-alcohol- at-a-party- without-a-license looks like? Plum TV was there for the spectacle that landed gallery owner Ruth Vered on the cover of the Daily News and Post.

Vered had been celebrating the opening of images from celebrity photographer Steven Klein, who said Vered's arrest for "serving wine at a gallery [was] ridiculous." Mark Heller, lawyer for Vered, told the Daily New, "It is my opinion that when we get to court, they will have to dismiss the charges and apologize," but the State Liquor Authority is firm with the hardline against people who don't apply for special $31/day permits. The SLA's Bill Crowley said, "You might think [other merchants or caterers who serve wine] are not licensed, but they may have a permit."

Here's a PDF of the SLA's Special Events Permit application--it's only three pages, but you need to submit a menu and diagram. And it turns out that Vered used to be a paratrooper for the Israeli reserves and was a cabdriver after immigrating to Queens.