With Airbnb being illegal and everything, savvy Hamptonites have found another way of wringing money out of wealthy beach-goers: By swapping their family-sized homes, full of unnecessary luxuries like backyards and personal space, for cramped trailers, thus enabling them to rent out their brick-and-mortar digs for upwards of $30,000 a month in July and August. It's genius.

“We call it ‘glamping,’ or glamour-camping,” Danielle Becker-Wilson, a real-estate agent who opted to crush her family of four into a 400-square-foot trailer, told the Post. “For us, it was just the cheapest way to have somewhere to go while we rent our house,” she said. No, Danielle. The cheapest way would be squatting next to the highway, dressing your children in trash bags ("glompos," or glamour-ponchos) and roasting a dead opossum over a spit (free-range, organic glamopossum).

Down the road, Hugh Jackman on Sunday helped a woman named Donna McCue set up her Fat Ass Fudge Company stand at the Southampton Farmers Market, after he saw her struggling against the blustery day. She probably also lives under it.