A chef at a Sheepshead Bay seafood restaurant was killed by a hammer-wielding assailant who attacked two other employees on Tuesday night. “I heard a bunch of people screaming: ‘He’s killing people! Lock all the doors!’" the manager of a restaurant a block away told the Post.

Police say that the suspect entered the Seaport Buffet, at 2027 Emmons Avenue, around 5 p.m. and started striking people—the restaurant's owner, manager, and chef—before fleeing. He was arrested a few blocks away.

The chef, identified as Fufai Pan, 34, was taken to Lutheran Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The owner and manager were also taken to Lutheran, where they remain in critical condition.

Customers from the restaurant fled to Randazzo's Clam Bar. Manager Samantha Randazzo said, "He was just screaming crazy words, like ‘I’m killing everybody, this world is hell’ and everything. He was just screaming crazy things. Then we heard the guy say, ‘lock all the doors, a guy is killing people.’"

She added, "They said he went in a city uniform and he came in and just went crazy."

Blood reportedly covered the restaurant; a police source told the Post, "This was a grisly murder scene. A serious amount of blood was spilled... It sucks. These guys were just working and this a-hole comes in."

Charges are still pending against the suspect, who is reportedly undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. He has been characterized as an emotionally disturbed person.