The alleged serial rapist who terrorized Upper Manhattan for over a month tried to make a break for it during his arraignment Monday night. He didn't get very far. According to the Post, an unidentified young woman—believed to be a girlfriend—was in the Manhattan Criminal Court room sobbing and blowing kisses at suspect Vincent Heyward, whose DNA matched all four victims. When Heyward saw her, he bolted for the back door of the courtroom, pursued by more than a dozen court officers.

The arraignment halted for nearly 15 minutes as "sounds of a commotion came from behind a closed door to the holding area." Two court officers suffered minor injuries in the scuffle, after which Heyward was escorted back in handcuffs. The woman continued to sob during the arraignment, but guards prevented the struggling Heyward from turning around to look at her. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail. Hamilton Heights residents seemed relieved about that, with one local woman telling the Daily News, "Thank goodness for DNA."