Police believe they've apprehended the serial rapist responsible for four sexual assaults in Hamilton Heights since early August. The suspect is identified as 21-year-old Vincent Heyward, of 281 Edgecombe Avenue, just blocks from where the last sexual assault took place. According to police spokesman Paul Browne, officers approached Heyward on Tuesday around 12:30 a.m. because he resembled sketches of the rapist. Heyward agreed, telling the cops, "Yeah, that does look like me." He also consented to swab his cheek for DNA testing, then went on his way.

Yesterday afternoon, the chief medical examiner reported that the DNA sample matched evidence from all four rapes, and police went to Heyward’s home. And after six hours of negotiations with a relative, he turned himself over to police. Browne tells the Times that Heyward "fit the description to a 'T'." That's good, because police had previously arrested a Pennsylvanian ex-con, but he was ultimately released after DNA tests didn't match.