Birds by Pabo76 on Flickr

From a forecasting perspective this has been a rare week where the weather has behaved as expected. The good behavior shows no sign of stopping and there's no reason to believe it will start acting erratically over the weekend. In addition to not pulling any tricks, it looks like ok Mother Nature will give us a fall treat.

There's a big high sitting over the Carolinas, another over Winnipeg and a weak cold front in between. The southern high is bringing the sunny and mild today. As the front passes it may kick off a sprinkle or two tomorrow morning. The Canadian high will bring cooler air as the weekend progresses. Expect highs near 60 today and tomorrow and in the lower 50s on marathon sunday.

Winter Weather Awareness Week continues its whirlwind tour with today's topic being winter weather watches, warnings and advisories. The Weather Service has streamlined the process this year. Watches are issued for severe conditions 12-48 hours in advance, warnings when storms are imminent -no more than 36 hours ahead of time. Advisories will be issued for lesser, but still significant, winter conditions. In other exciting local news there's a new weather data buoy at the entrance of New York Harbor! The water temperature this morning was 56.8 degrees and the wave height was 1.6 feet.