The heat, or what passes for heat in late October, is gone. The past four days averaged nearly 14 degrees warmer than normal. A strong breeze will make it feel cooler, but today's expected high of 58 is right on the money for late October. It looks like we are in for a couple of hours of light, scraggly showers but the skies should clear up this afternoon. In fact, the skies will clear up so well that it will be downright chilly tonight. Look for a low in the low 40s tomorrow morning.

Despite the cold start, a slight wind shift means Saturday should warm nicely to the upper 50s. Good news for trick-or-treaters and Halloween paraders! Sunday should again be mostly sunny and in the upper 50s.

November is expected to start on a sunny note, but Monday's high will likely be closer to the mid 50s following the passage of a cold front. The location of that front after Monday has the Weather Service wringing its hands in uncertainty. If the front settles well to the south of the city it will shield us from any mid-week storms that look to be developing. If the front stalls nearby we could be in for wet weather by next Wednesday. Stay tuned!