You take some eggs, some rowdy residents, and some undercover cops and you get a crazy riot in Broad Channel. The NY Sun has a very detailed article about the riot between police and residents, where the only part of the story that the police and residents agree on is that a bunch of kids egged an unmarked police car. Which was only in the area to respond to earlier calls about property being egged!

After seeing egg on the car, the police questioned Patricia Rich, then her son Patrick jumped on a detective's back and all hell broke loose. The Daily News' account says that the detective, Marques Stewart, used his baton to defend himself from Rich as Patricia Rich yelled, "F--- you, n----r." A crowd of people surrounded the detective and other officers, and the NYPD says police handled the situation appropriately, using their batons to "take control" of the situation. The Sun spoke to a friend of the Rich family:

A resident of the neighborhood and friend of the Rich family, John Walsh, 22, gave a different account. He said that the detective "started flipping out" when he saw the eggs hit his car. Mrs. Rich, who was drinking coffee on the corner, was the closest person to his car and so he began questioning her first, he said. When she refused to tell him who did it, he attacked her — and when Mr. Rich saw his mother being attacked, he jumped on the back of the detective, not knowing he was from the police department, Mr. Walsh said.

"He just kept grabbing her by the hair," Mr. Walsh said of the detective. "They arrested everyone who was trying to help her."

However, the police and observers do say that some people were "throwing eggs and yelling racist slurs" (NY Sun) in the crowd of over 100 people. Patricia Rich's sister Margaret (mother of Robert Glade who was arrested for inciting the crowd) said that the fight was not about race but about police brutality. She told the Daily News, "I went to get a slice of pizza and when I came out I saw this cop. He's got my sister by her hair and he's whacking my sister."

Four people in total were arrested: Glade, Nicholas Stack (for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest), Patricia Rich, and Patrick Rich. Side note about Patrick Rich: When the police tried to arrest Patrick Rich, he "ran into the Jamaica Bay, where he remained waist-deep until police convinced him to surrender" and he is also connected to a possibly similar assault on St. Patrick's Day. On the police side, Internal Affairs is investigating, and Detective Stewart apparently "punched a youth with his pistol, knocking out several of his teeth" in 1997, according to the NY Sun.