A mask depicting the man who allegedly shot and killed 12 people and wounded 58 others at a Colorado theater in July was being sold for $500 on eBay. "SHOCK EVERYONE YOU KNOW!" seller realface13 wrote in the product description, according to ABC News. “There is nothing more scary than crawling into James Holmes mind and wearing his face. His ‘soul penetrating eyes’ and ‘The Joker’ orange hair makes this mask the most disturbing object you will ever own."

Ebay removed the item shortly after it was posted, and a spokesman for the company said it was taken down "because it did not comply with our Offensive Materials policy. Out of respect for victims of violent crimes, eBay does not allow listings that attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering." The seller claimed that the mask was custom made for a "private collector."

A professor at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy was nearly fired from his job this summer after he joked about the shooting as he dimmed the lights before showing a film in class: "If someone with orange hair appears in the corner of the room, run for the exit." The father of one of the professor's students was killed in the shooting. The professor profusely apologized and ended up keeping his job.