2007_10_hallhouse1.jpgIf you're impressed when you see homes and apartment windows with store-bought cobwebs and a carved pumpkin, then prepare to let your mind explode.

NewYorkShitty quite possibly hits the mother lode of all Halloween decorating with this haunted house on Humboldt Street in Greenpoint. Miss Heather writes

These folks managed to outfit this most unhappy chap with a pump so he vomits a continuous stream of blood into this barrel. Could you imagine what would happen if someone installed such a thing in Park Slope? There’d be a fucking riot, that’s what!

Navy Seals would have to be brought in to extract all wadded up panties out of the sanctimonious ass cracks of stroller moms block by block. It would be chaos. Total and utter chaos. Sort of like Compton —except with a lot of rich white people brandishing attorneys instead of Uzis.

Miss Heather has also provided a great Flickr set of photographs - love the werewolves on the roof! But the real question might be: What kind of candy are they giving out tonight?

Have you seen other incredible Halloween decorations? And these Humboldt Street decorations remind us of these Gramercy Park townhouse's Christmas decorations.

Photographs from NewYorkShitty