2006_10_brokenegg.jpgHalloween has its scary sights and fun spooks, but it's also a night where lots of people pour onto the streets and tend to act a little crazy.

- Of all the cars to egg: Some teens egged an unmarked police car in Broad Channel yesterday afternoon. When the undercover cops got out, according to the police via Newsday, 17 year old Patrick Rich "jumped on the back of one officer" while 16 year old Nicholas Stack "pushed and punched" another. Witnesses say the police used excessive force, with one telling the Daily News, "[Stack] tried to fight the cop. The cop took his baton out and struck his leg. He limped and the cop hit him right in the jaw and knocked him out."

The NYPD says its officers acted appropriately and that the suspects yelled n----- to the black detective. A deli nearby had a surveillance camera that may have captured the incident - police seized the tapes. Rich's 44 year old mother was arrested when she tried to stop the police from taking her son ("obstructing government administration"); additionally 22 year old Robert Glad was arrested and charged with inciting to riot and disorderly conduct.

- After the Halloween Parade, a man was stabbed at Sixth Avenue and 12th Street. Police say, "A guy is walking along and he bumps into another guy walking with his girl. The guy with the girl yells, 'What's your problem!' - but doesn't wait for an answer. He just stabs the other guy." The three people were not wearing costumes; the victim was treated at St. Vincent's while the stabber was arrested and charged.

- A teenager was fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver on the Harlem River Drive last night. It's believed that Stepon Bachiano was running from a knife-wielding attacker who thought Bachiano and his friends had been throwing eggs. The attacker may have been a teen who used to live in the same apartment building. His friends were able to cross the highway, but Bachiano tripped and fell while climbing over the center divider. The impact getting hit by a car "severed both of Stepon's legs and hurled him more than 30 feet onto the pavement near the 155th St. exit ramp in upper Manhattan," according to the Daily News. Police think a cream colored Lincoln hit him; some witnesses said the car stopped briefly but then left.