Halloween parties are sacred events for adults who just want a safe space to get back in touch with their slutty, egg-throwing inner-child. But sometimes the thrill of an authentic Pizza Face costume can be overwhelming: a dispute over a Halloween costume contest at Dream Night Club in Hampton Bays early this morning descended into a shootout, when a man dressed up as a character from the movie "Dead Presidents" shot two people. We're sticking to dogs-only costumed events this year.

The party included a costume judging contest towards the end of the night. Two contestants, including one person dressed as a cave woman, got into an argument over the results of the contest, which morphed into a full-blown fight inside the club. The man dressed as a bank robber from "Dead Presidents," who wasn't involved with the initial fight, reportedly went outside to his car and retrieved a gun. Party organizer Shawn Badgett and a 64-year-old man were both shot in the ensuing melee, but neither injury is considered to be life-threatening.

Party promoter Badgett had previously been busted by police for a series of drug charges in the spring (police walked in on him "cooking cocaine"). We suggest he leaves out any competitive events the next time he throws a costumed party—men take their cave woman costumes very seriously.