Every so often, the universe government works in our favor, throwing the heaving masses a needed bone so we can continue to justify the $3,017 rent we pay to live in a discarded tuna can cramped apartment. The bone tossed into our salivating faces today came courtesy of the Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said G train arrivals will increase from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes during evening rush hour—which awesomely lasts from 3 to 9 p.m. on weekdays.

The bad news is the change won't be implemented until June of 2014, an MTA spokesperson said.

The improvements come on the heels of the G train service review, which confirmed what Brooklyn's straphangers already knew—that waiting for the G train is like waiting for Godot, which, incidentally, you could probably start and finish in the time it takes for the G(odot) train to show up.

The review said that while increased service was indeed necessary, it wasn't going to happen unless the MTA scrounged up around $700,000. Luckily though, the state came through with the funds, apparently thanks to "aggressive cost-cutting within MTA operations and increased revenues from fares, tolls, subsidies and dedicated taxes," a press release from Cuomo's office said.

Additionally, M trains will run from Queens to Delancey Street-Essex Street in Manhattan on weekends, instead of terminating at Myrtle Avenue. Check out the full list of improvements here.