Chuck Daly, the mastermind behind the NBA's "Bad Boys" teams in Detroit, died today at 78 in Juniper, FL. Daly had been diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer just back in February. Once called "The Prince of Pessimism," he arrived in town with heavy fanfare when he was hired to coach the Nets in 1992. But he will most be remembered for leading Isiah Thomas and the Pistons throughout the eighties, a team that may have been overshadowed throughout most of the decade by the Lakers and Celtics, but enjoyed their moment in the sun with consecutive championships in '89 and '90. Daly also won a gold medal in 1992, coaching the Dream Team, USA basketball's collection of some of its greatest stars, brought together to reestablish international dominance to the American sport. Willis Reed, the Nets' GM who hired him, said of Daly, "He brought us instant credibility. We needed someone like that, a great coach who had won. I thoroughly enjoyed having him coach the team and being there with him. He was a class act." Known for his stylish silk suits, Daly once said, "Tailoring covers your sins.”