The polls are really not being nice to Mayor Bloomberg today. Though he once said improving the city's schools was his top priority, a new poll says 49% of New Yorkers believe he failed in doing that. But we thought graduation rates were grea—Oh. Right.

One parent said she believed Bloomberg "failed" in his mission to improve public schools because of "the latest information about the test scores." Test scores were down because officials toughened standards, since the City Council called the last round of math scores were "not acceptable." Mayoral spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti defended the Mayor to the Daily News, saying, "Our students continue to make consistent, significant gains and outpace their counterparts throughout New York State and other urban areas around the nation." That is, if you take into account rises in suspensions and graduating 21-year-old delinquents.

Though New Yorkers say Bloomberg hasn't delivered on public schools, 66% said charter schools, which have expanded under Bloomberg's tenure, are "a good thing because they give more choices to parents and kids." Plus, kids can earn some extra cash on the side doing recruitment work.