Governor Andrew Cuomo, seen above in his preferred Wacky Races-style way of getting around, has enjoyed playing games with the idea of who really steers the fate of the subway system. (For the record: he does.) And while bold unreality gambits like claiming the MTA, a state agency, is not a state agency, may have worked in the past, the constant nightmare that is the subway system seems to be eroding Cuomo's ability to pin this problem on someone else.

A Siena College poll found that 52 percent of New Yorkers across the state, and 53 percent of New York City residents hold Cuomo most responsible for the state of the MTA. And while 59 percent of New Yorkers say that the governor has done a fair or poor job with mass transit, somehow there's a holdout 26 percent who think he's doing an excellent job with it. Maybe they just ride the Times Square shuttle back and forth?

The bad subway grades and voters' ongoing realization that the MTA is a state agency controlled by the governor of the state of New York has also managed to hurt his reelection chances, with voters tied at 46 percent between reelecting Cuomo or going with someone else. Only 52 percent of voters have a favorable view of Cuomo overall, compared to 61 percent of voters in May.

Bill de Blasio didn't escape from the poll totally unscathed though, as 35 percent of voters in New York City still think he's primarily responsible for the MTA, and 20 percent of voters say he's doing a good job handling the whole mass transit meltdown thing. And despite his well-known contempt for cheap symbolism, it seems de Blasio is at least trying to make good with voters, including experiencing what it is to stand crushed and dead-eyed on an increasingly packed 7 train wondering what sin you committed in a past life to have this be your every day existence.