On more than one occasion, Murray Hill resident Kelly Dooley, who owns her own line of fashionable activewear "for women who refused to sacrifice style at the gym," has come home to find her nightstand lingerie drawers mysteriously left open. On Friday, the mystery was finally solved, when she stopped by her apartment at 11 a.m. to find the building's porter, Hector Solano, allegedly fondling her underwear. "I opened the door, and Hector is crouching down with his boxer-briefs on and a white Hanes crewneck shirt, and he's pulling up his cargo shorts," Dooley tells the Post. To be fair, she does sell a well-nigh irresistible bra encrusted with Yellow Swarovski Crystals and Purple lingerie lace side panels!

"He said he likes to wear women's clothes," Dooley alleges. "He's a complete sissy. His hands are up, and he's begging me, 'Please don't tell.' I'm like, 'Who the f - -k are you? What are you doing in my f - -king apartment?' I went absolutely AWOL on this guy. I knew he looked familiar to me, but I didn't know how I knew him. I made him come with me. I'm basically dragging him out of the apartment. I was not afraid, I was pissed."

Dooley, who describes herself as a "tomboy" on her website, gave the doorman a description of Solano and he identified him as the porter. Police later found him hiding in the basement like a total sissy, and charged him with sexually motivated burglary.